Santa Banta And Me

Nowadays, Ban seems to be a Buzzword. From the well known brand Maggi to films and documentaries, there has not been left a single gemstone to sustain the honor of India. According to the survey, more than 400 products have been rejected on 30th April 2015 including Tata Starbucks, Ranbaxy and Amway etc.

Ban on Maggi noodles was digestive as it was done for Health and Safety reasons. But couple of days ago, the upcoming news was the banning of the Santa Banta jokes. Is it fair to ban the jokes which put smile on one’s face?

I still remember my childhood days when I was learning to use internet in 2002, at that time, only Yahoo messenger and Santa Banta jokes were there for entertainment. And today, whenever I receive any Santa Banta jokes on my mobile, it recalls me the memories of my childhood. Another memorable event was when I got smart phone Nokia 6600 for the first time, the wallpaper I downloaded was from

Furthermore, in today’s competitive world everyone busy in their work for success, do not have much time to spend with friends. When I send a Santa Banta joke to a friend it reconnects both of us and when I got reply it realize me that my friends are always there for me and vice versa. Social media is also popularizing using Santa Banta Wallpapers, Images etc.

In addition, whenever I get time to meet my friends in parties or get-togethers, me and my friend we all crack Santa Banta jokes on each other which I consider as golden moments of my life because it put smile on everyone’s face.

Ultimately, I would like to say that Santa Banta jokes not only plays a crucial role in our lives but now it becomes a live character in generating happiness in each and everyone’s stressful schedule.The question raises here "how could we ban the live characters?"