How We Can Manage Workflow In Clouds?

As we all know, workflow is considered to be most challenging problems in cloud to execute it while minimizing time as well as cost obtains by set of dissimilar resources over the cloud simultaneously.

Now what’s the exact definition of workflow is? Workflow is defined as "the process in which documents, information and tasks are passed from one participant to another for action according to set of procedural rules".

With rapid growth in Information Technology, more and more workflow systems are adopting cloud as their execution environment. Being progressively competitive, the foremost challenge is how to efficiently manage various workflows?

Cloud computing also known as on-demand computing is the best technique used to resolve this problem. It is a growing area in distributed computing that deliver dynamically adaptable services on demand over the internet through virtualization of hardware and software.

The biggest advantage of the cloud computing is its flexibility to lease and release resources as per the user requirement. It has got intelligent infrastructure i.e. Transparency, Scalability, Monitoring and Security.

Ultimately, cloud computing has become a research topic. In addition to it, more and more industries are adopting this technology as an efficient way to improve quality services.