Research To Overcome Platform Dependency

As we know C++ is a very popular language since 1979. This programming language is very useful in real world, from art applications to video games. We can develop software like OS, device driver, spread sheets etc. C++ writes safe code and deal directly with memory. Being so powerful it supports function, class, alias and variable templates. Despite, its vast advantages one major drawback is its "Platform dependency" as it runs only on specific platform i.e. if the program has been compiled on specific platform (windows) so requires same platform (windows) to execute it.

The creation begins here when James Gosling (computer scientist) decided to work on C++ to make it 'Platform Independent'. Gosling started working on C++ to overcome its platform dependency. In 1989 he brilliantly made C++ platform independent by adding virtual machine. In this phase, during compilation only partial code is compiled and converts only that code where platform dependency is not required and then compiled fully on the execution phase on the platform on which it is executing.

ANSI (American National Standard Institute) rejected this project when they found that the execution speed is 65 times slower than the earlier and refuses to process the project saying that they could not compromise with the speed.

James Gosling felt very disappointed as he puts lots of efforts to modify it. Now he decided to make it a separate language and launch it individually as his own product. James Gosling with his two friends Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton (Software Developers) initiated the project and initially named it Oak. Now whats a secret behind naming it Oak? The Secret is outside Gosling's workshop there stood an Oak tree under which Gosling with his friends use to eat, drink ,enjoy, spend free time and celebrate all their merry times and believe that this tree is very lucky for them so named the project Oak. So, James Gosling launched the Oak as their own product.

Unaware, there is another despair waiting for them. When they launched Oak, Sun Microsystems (Computer Company) filed a case against them saying that they used company resources to complete their project. Gosling and his two friends were employed in Sun Microsystems when they carried out research to create first platform independent language. Everyone is known to the fact that one could not launch anything on their own name while working with a company. So, Gosling was unable to prove that they carry out the work in his workshop and have not used any of the workplace resources. In this time period Oak has been given another name "Green" and the case was known by this name.

Ultimately, the day came when all friends will get the results of their hard work. The court declared that the Green will remain the product of Sun Microsystems which makes them discouraged but on the other side they were happy to hear that Gosling and his friends will be known by creator of this language and will be given handsome amount for this unique creation. They felt cheerful by this satisfactory decision of the court. Gosling and his friends who helped him to carry out this work went to a coffee shop to celebrate this success. They ordered a coffee known as JAVA. Gosling liked this name and finally named the language "JAVA". Thats why a coffee cup symbolizes JAVA.

This is how JAVA is evolved and today James Gosling is known as the father of Java Programming language. JAVA made it possible "Write Once, Run Anywhere", with independent platform.