Industrial Training in WordPress


One of the most popular CMS in website development is WordPress and its tremendous use in this industry has put it on the top of the list among all other CMSs. One can easily develop website, either it is a blogging or e-commerce website and at DevelopTech, not only Wordpress is used to the fullest but also after six months industrial in training, students are made to work on it.


Module 1

  • Why Wordpress?
  • Installation of Wordpress
  • Understanding Wordpress GUI
  • Understanding Wordpress Default Database
  • Understanding Wordpress Default Architecture
  • Understanding API Architecture
  • Plugins
  • What is a Wordpress plugin
  • Working of a Wordpress Plugin
  • Introduction to the Plugin Architecture
  • Wordpress Default Plugins
  • Creating Plugins from scratch
  • Form Handling
  • Session Handling
  • Db Handling
  • Ajax
  • Web Services
  • Installing/Uninstalling 3rd Party Plugins
  • Customization of Plugins
  • Widgets
  • What is a Wordpress widget
  • Working of a Wordpress widget
  • Wordpress Default widgets
  • Creating widgets from scratch
  • Installing/Uninstalling 3rd Party widgets
  • Customization of widgets
  • Themes
  • What is a Wordpress Theme
  • How Themes work in Wordpress
  • Wordpress Default Themes
  • Creating Themes from scratch
  • Installing/Uninstalling 3rd Party Themes
  • Customization of Themes
  • Theme Integration

Case Study