Web App Development


Web App Development


A web application is software that runs on a web browser. Today we are having thousands of web apps around us. These web apps make our life easier with their functionality. Thousands of companies are involved in development of web apps to get them recognized in the national as well as international market.

DevelopTech is very much into the development of web apps and these applications are also provided to the students as a live project of their six months as well as six weeks industrial training. There are a number of web applications developed by DevelopTech such as Khabar Himachal, Campus Touch, Reliable Enterprises, and New Wave Digital etc.. With a large number of web apps in the market DevelopTech has gained trust and a rapport in the market as one of the best companies to provide best services.


Web Services

After the advent of IT industry and as it started to gain momentum and showed its dominance over the whole world, the main issue was to communicate among different platforms. For example, in telecommunication industry, we have number of mobile phone giants such as NOKIA, SAMSUNG,HTC and many more having their own platforms and OSs. Web services allow us to communicate across all these different platforms.

We are all equipped with such experts who can very efficiently develop any kind of web service. A number of applications such as ECG (a product of Engineers Career Group), Aryans, Save Kashmir and Mobile Quiz (for UIET) are using the services which are developed by DevelopTech.



E-commerce or what we can call it as electronic commerce can be referred to as all the commercial transactions done through the internet. It is a well-known term and there is no need to explain it in detail as it is going to be one of the largest industries in the coming future. It has been predicted that by 2020, through e-commerce trading will reach to USD 20 trillion billion. One can easily estimate the growth rate of this industry.

We are also a part of e-commerce as we are giving our whole hearted contribution in developing such CMSs and also websites that are following the e-commerce fundamentals as their base.DevelopTech has developed a large number of websites such as newwavedigital.org, juju-mojo.com and many more.



We have a large number of web based tools available in the market using which we can make our work easier and perform a large number of jobs that may include online editors, mp3cutter, video converters etc. These tools are very much helpful in making our complex jobs easy to a large extent.

DevelopTech has also launched a number of web-based tools such as bulk-emailer, barcode generator and reader, QR code generator, web scraping tool and many more in the market. The tools developed by DevelopTech have gained popularity in the market because of their quality results and are used by a large number of users till date.


Content Management System (CMS)

CMS or Content Management System is an application that allows editing, modifying, deleting, organizing and also maintenance of content. This content not only includes the text but also images, banners and logos etc. It is a whole package in which different modules are integrated and they help the user for various kinds of operations.

We as a software development company are very much specialized in developing any CMS of any type and according to the user specifications. A CMS is designed and developed by the combined effort of both web designer and a developer and DevelopTech's both teams are expert in their particular departments. We provide best of our effort to our clients as we do in all other fields.