Can you really cover up Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal collectively in 45 days?

The Answer is NEVER

  • Well, 90% educational institutes in Tricity believe that their trainers can train students in Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal in just 45 days but at the end the result is still the same
  • The Student is only able to CONFIGURE the static websites by using CMS's but the FACT is static site can also be build by using HTML and CSS then What's the fun of using CMS's?
  • THE FACT - "Installing the components/modules/plugins from different sources, customizing them and installing them and then delivering the end-product".......
  • This can be achieved if a student devotes a single day while sitting at his/her home but do he/she really knows how actually the stuff he/she is modifying can be created from scratch?
  • Are you really aware of the environment in which you are developing the things?
    If Windows - Do you really understand WINDOWS?
    If Linux - Do you really understand LINUX?
  • Does the institute which you are targeting provides you information beyond the "10 CHAPTERS OF PHP and its CMS's......."
  • Are you aware of the facts that we are able to create CONSOLE APPLICATIONS as well as WINDOW APPLICATIONS in PHP then why do we prefer Java and .NET for creating the similar applications?
  • If you are using a software, do you have the ability to think of how actually that software could have been programmed?
  • Are you aware of how to prepare an environment of PHP on a BLANK MACHINE?
  • Do you really know ".htaccess", "INI Variables", "CGI Scripts"?